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About Us

TKG International is recognized as one of the foremost rotary screen engravers in the United States. TKG’s versatility, using an integrated system approach to the engraving process, assures top quality screens produced on time and on budget. TKG offers engraving services with special emphasis on screens and color separations for (analog rotary screen printing, apparel, home furnishings, automotive, wallpaper, flag industry, electronics, digital printing and specialty coatings).

From intricate, finely-detailed images to breathtaking bold designs to highly accurate CAD generated specialty diagrams and conductive materials, the company utilizes the skill and craftsmanship of CAD artist (most with more that 30 years of experience) that produce the ultimate qualities of digital technology. TKG is equipped with state of the art CAD systems, digital scanners and laser engraving machines. Believing that some designs require fine artistic touches, TKG professionals assess each project carefully to determine the best, most efficient method of production. TKG has long believed that a good engraving company is comprised of skilled, talented artists who cannot be replaced by technology. Dedicated to engraving your designs using the best method possible, TKG takes pride in producing aesthetically-pleasing prints that feature smooth tones, accurate colors and fine detail.

Artistry and Perfection Never Go Out of Style.....IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ART!

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